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Saturday, August 29, 2009

5 amazing countries to visit

Most of us have favourite places which we return to frequently, or places that we dream of going to. What make a town, country or even a continent special to me, might be exactly what you hate about that place. It is very individual and it is a perfect subject to start a debate here on the blogg. Below I will start off by listing my top 5 countries and explain why they made it to my list. I will of course love comments on the matter and perhaps get your input as to what countries should be in the top five.

1. Sweden - it has to be up there as it is my home country and in all honesty, isn't too bad of a place to be living in. Naturally, the weather could be a bit milder, the winters a lot less dark but on the whole, it is an easy life, that feels rather secure. There are plenty of things to see and do, many of which I'm sure I will be mentioning in other posts. The people are friendly and it isn't at all as expensive as you think it is.

2. New Zealand - the land of the Hobbits, the Maoris and the amazing nature. If ever there was a heaven on earth, I would like to think it is here. Whether you go glacier walking, canoeing or sailing the Marlborough Sound, you will love this place.

3. Thailand - a favourite beach retreat when the European weather just doesn't do it for you. Miles of miles of sandy beaches, cocktails, Thai food and friendly people is all you require. If you feel a bit adventurous, there is always the potential to go trekking and sightseeing up north. The list of sports that you can enjoy is endless and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg to try it either.

4. Australia - what a country and what a continent. You will find most of what you need down under. The people of OZ are friendly and good natured, the climate variable depending on where you are and there is always an adventure around the corner. This is a place to go sightseeing, do trekking and canoeing or why not try the outback for a while.

5. Ireland - as I currently reside here, I could not leave it off this list. I came here because I was fascinated by the history, the scenery and the people. Although it has changed a lot in recent years, there is a beauty here that is hard to forget. The weather makes it hard to see through the grey, cloudy curtain that hangs over the islands more often than not, but if you do, you will be surprised at it's beauty and tranquility.

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