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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Top 10 cities or towns to visit in Europe

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Europe is a continent with a lot of diversity, both when it comes to history, religion and culture, and that makes these countries all the more interesting to visit. There are so many different places that everyone will find a spot that they like and can relate to. Below is a list of 10 cities or towns well worth a visit.

1. London; the capital of Great Britain is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and has plenty to offer a tourist. It does not matter what your interests are, you can be sure that you will find something that suits you. With a wide variety of attractions, historic buildings, museums and outdoor entertainment there are many ways in which to spend your day. The city comes to light in the evening and some of the highlights are the opera, a musical or theatre in theWest End, a fancy dinner at one of the top-notch restaurants or just to stroll around Leicester Square and Covent Garden.

2. Paris; known as the city of lovers, the French capital has a lot to offer. Visit the famous Louvre, climb to the top of the Eiffel tower, enjoy the little French cafés or make your way to the area of Montmartre, famous for its artist and small shops. Some of the highlight of Paris includes the fantastic Notre Dame and the white, candy like church Sacre-Cur as well as the Luxemburg Gardens.

3. Prague; situated in Eastern Europe and rich in historical areas and buildings. It is a city to walk around and soak up the atmosphere. It is relatively cheap and the beer is good. A must is Prague Castle with the amazing St. Vitu's Cathedral. The Jewish quarters with all their synagogues gives a testament to the impact of the Jews before the Second World War.

4. Vienna; this is a city rich in culture and historic buildings. This is a city that will give you everything you need and more. The most visited attraction is the Castle Schonbrunn. It is situated outside the city centre but well worth the visit. If you like amusement parks, the Prater is a place for you. It boosts with one of the oldest Ferris wheels of its kind.

5. Barcelona; soak up the sun in Spain on one of the out-door cafés in this bustling city. The famous shopping street, Las Ramblas, lies in the heart of the city and many events take place here during the day. One of the highlights has to be Gaudi's cathedral, Sagrada Familia.

6. Amsterdam; the nicest and most interesting of all the Dutch cities has a lot to offer. It is an easy city to visit as the public transport is frequent and brings you right to the heart of Amsterdam in no time. Once in the city centre, it is a fabulous place to walk around with all the old houses, the river and the bridges. A trip on one of the ferries is a must as is the Anne Frankhouse. Here one of the world's most famous diaries really comes alive. If you have an interest in diamonds, you can visit diamond factories and try a ring or two.

7. Berlin; the capital of Germany is another city that will welcome you with plenty of attractions. This is a place where east truly meets west, as this once divided city comes together as one. Alexander Platz and the TV tower in the former east, Checkpoint Charlie on the boarded between the two former countries and Brandenburger Tor in the west.

8. Copenhagen; a delightful city in the Nordic hemisphere. The amusement park Tivoli is one of the oldest in the world and has an outstanding Christmas market. The stories of H. C. Andersen come to live with the statue of the little mermaid by the sea. The shopping street Stroget is a bustling place and the castle is rather impressive.

9. Helsingborg; a stunning Swedish town situated in the very south of the country. The town stretches alongside the sea and boardwalks by the beach makes it easy to give for a stroll to feel the atmosphere. There are a few places of interest, the medieval tower from which you have a fabolous view, the heritage park and the Sofiero Castle. You can take also take one of the ferries across to Denmark.

10. Bamberg; this German town is so beautiful and old that it has made its way to the UNESCO world heritage list. The town is famous for its beer, the quarter called Little Venice and it has a lovely town hall situated in the middle of the river.

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