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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Venice hotel for 1 cent per night

What a mistake! Offering luxury hotel rooms for € 1 cent. Cheap accommodation have never been cheaper.

Haven't we all wanted to get hold of that bargain? Well, a few lucky ones probably couldn't believe their luck when the hotel offered a deal for €0.01 per night. Admittedly, it was a mistake but the hotel will still honour the bookings to a reported loss of over €90,000.

It is the 4 star Crowne Plaze in Venice, Italy who made the big error. Over 250 lucky guest were able to pick up the bargain before the hotel was made aware of their error and had it rectified. By then, over 1400 hotel nights were booked. The hotel has declined to comment but some would say that their big loss will turn into a profit as the hotel have got massive PR in the press and television.

As a bargain hunter, how can you seek out these deals and human errors? The best way is probably to stay tuned into all the social networking sites. Did Twitter and Facebook announce it before the hotel closed the loophole? If they did, well, then they might also be able to give you the next big bargain. If not, finding one of these again might be like winning the lotto.

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