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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where to stay in Las Vegas

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It's always hard to find a cheap hotel in a place that is as popular as Las Vegas. What makes it even harder is that a lot of the people who come here are backed with cash and so can afford to pay a bit extra. Gamblers will come all year round and so will the people who come to see the spectacular shows but there are periods when the tourist won't come and that is when the great deal might present itself.

Decide what you want with your trip; whether it is looking at a particular show, gambling or just to soak up the atmosphere. Then decide how close you need to be to the main strip. The further out you go, the cheaper the hotels. If you intend to make this a once in a lifetime event, then maybe you should pay that bit extra to be in the middle of everything.

In a place like
Las Vegas there are always going to be cheap accommodation that won't live up to normal standards, as there will be 5 star hotels with everything you ever dreamed of. When you have this much of a variety, the best thing to do is to decide what standard you want and what extras, if any, you are requiring. Then go on the Internet and check for good deals that match what you want and what you are prepare to pay. Some of them might include drink or dinner vouchers, gambling credit etc. If they do, decide whether or not you think this is an offer for you.

A few good ones:

Riviera Hotel and Casino ~ a 3 star hotel located on the North Strip and within walking distance to the main casinos. They have a casino, a spa and dining facilities. The 2000 rooms include all modern cons and there is a safe in each room. Only downside is that you are not allowed to check in on Saturday. Prices range from as low as $70 if you choose mid-week off-peak.

Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino ~ this hotel lies 4 miles from Downtown Las Vegas but within walking distance of the Fashion Show Mall. With a price under $ 100 this might be the place you have been looking for. There is a spa and the hotel has live entertainment. Depending on season, they also have luas.

Tropicana Hotel and Casino ~ this is another 3 star hotel which offers budget accommodation under US 100. Located on the South Strip and connected via walkways to the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino this is in a prime location. The hotel boosts 7 restaurants and 2 bars. There is a five-acre garden and a pool complex as well as live entertainment. If you book on the Internet they give you special discounts and tw0-for-one admissions to certain places.

Bally's Las Vegas ~ this hotel is located on the Centre Strip and puts you right in the middle of all the action. They have live entertainment with a famous showgirl extravaganza, spas with various treatments and in the casino they have poker games, roulette, craps and blackjack tables. Prices around $ 150 it's a bit pricy but well worth it.

MGM and Grand Hotel Casino ~ if you are looking for a bit of a treat this 4 star hotel is well worth the money. Prices range from around $200. It is located on the south end of the Strip in Las Vegas and is near to a lot of action. There are 16 restaurants in the complex which also features a spa with fitness center, saunas, steam rooms and spa tubs. The hotel has over 5000 rooms and 6 nightclubs, a real treat for you.

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