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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Top 5 destinations in Australia

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I am continuing my top 5 lists and the subject of tonight is the wonderful land of OZ. Australia is a vast and beautiful continent and you need time and money to see most of it. I have been fortunate enough to spend 10 months Down Under and here are my highlights and places I would recommend;

1. Tasmania - this gorgeous place just south of Melbourne is like a country of its own. Take the ferry or jump on a plane to get there and then enjoy the beauty and the remoteness of this island. Take a tour around the area and see the sights. Don't forget to visit the famous and amazing Wineglass Bay, the remote parts up north where you can walk where no one has trodden before and a ghost tour in Port Arthur.

2. Western Australia -it is such a vast area that you could write a blog on WA just on its own. From Broome in the north to Perth down south, there is many places to explore and enjoy. Visit the dolphins at Monkey Mia, take a boat trip to see the humpback whales or snorkel at the Ningaloo reef. Western Australia will show you the true OZ; the remoteness and wilderness and the true spirit of the Aussies.

3. Kakadu National Park - no visit to Australia is complete before you have taken a tour to this National Park. To sleep under the stars in the rain forest, visit the spiders blocking your way to the toilets and swim in the billabongs and waterfalls. Beware of the crocodiles though and listen to the guides advise.

4. Ularu - more commonly known as Ayers Rock. This big rock is something else and to sit and see it changing its colours at sunrise or sunset is impressive. There are plenty of walks in this national park and information about the Aboriginal culture. A visit to the town of Alice Springs is also recommended.

5. Sydney - although not the capital of Australia, the largest city Down Under is a relaxed and friendly place. Go to the Blue Mountains, Bondi Beach or stroll around the harbour. You will not regret stopping over here.

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  1. I really want to go back to brisbane,, This is probably my main destination coz i gre up here when i was kid

  2. Brisbane is a nice place indeed, the reason the esat coast didn't make it to my list is that I felt it too commersialised.

  3. Wow, this is the first time I've ever seen Western Australia listed as a single place - it is bigger than most European countries and bigger than all US states.

  4. That is true and of course I should be dedicating more time to a huge place like that. Perhapse a Top 5 for Western Australia. In this case though, I thought it very beneficial. Not that many make it across to WA and so it seemed better to promote the whole place rather than a smaller town.