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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Amazing road trips; Las Vegas to Gran Canyon

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One of the best road trips in America has to be the drive from Las Vegasto the Grand Canyon. This is the ultimate drive for any road tripper. The drive in itself is rather straightforward and not too long. It is feasible to do it in a day, but you will be missing a lot of sights along the way. As you are driving in the desert area and with very little settlements, this is freedom at is best. Both Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon are in itself amazing destinations and it is well worth the time to stop over for a day or two, but more on this in a later post.

Heading away from Las Vegas

Start you trip from Las Vegas and take highway 93 south. The Grand Canyon is approximately 250 miles from Las Vegas. The drive takes about 4-5 hours if you don’t stop anywhere. As you drive away from Vegas you will see the odd casinos along the road until you are near theArizona border.

Hoover Dam

After Vegas, your first major stop will probably be at the fascinating Hoover Dam. It was completed in 1936 and stands in the Colorado River on the border between Nevada and Arizona. It is an impressive construction so do take the time to walk down for a closer look. There are also possibilities of going on helicopter trips that fly over the famous dam, check in Vegas for details.


The first town you will come across after Las Vegas is Kingman, known to many road trippers as it lies on the historic Route 66. If you don’t want to overdo it with the driving, this is a good opportunity for a stop-over. There are plenty of chain-motels along the highway. Once you passed Kingman, the US 93 will change name to Interstate 40 East.


To many Flagstaff is a perfect place to stay the night before venturing in to the Grand Canyon National Park. If you stopped over in Kingman, take Highway 64 to the Grand Canyon. If you are looking for a place for the night, stop in Kingman and take Route 66 out of town and Rout 66 will then become Highway 89. After a few miles you will need to turn left onto Highway 64 to get to Grand canyon. Kingman is a small enough town with plenty of motels that cater for all budgets.

Grand Canyon National Park

The national park offers a wide variety of activities and you can spend anything from a couple of hours here to days. If you want to stay in the park itself, it is recommended that you book your accommodation in advance.


Before heading back to Las Vegas, if you are doing a loop drive, consider taking a small detour and visit Sedona. It is a beautiful place in the middle of the desert, with red rocks and rivers to swim in. They have a lovely museum giving information about movies filmed in the area.

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