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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where to go in Phuket, Thailand

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Have you ever wanted to go to Phuket? The destination in Southern Thailand that has plenty to offer a sun worshipper. If so, you have made a great decision. Thailand in itself is an interesting county with a lot of different places to visit. From north to south, there is a vast range of tourist hotspot and Phuket is one of the best destinations to soak up the sun with its mile-long white beaches. Phuket is the name of a larger area as well as the main town itself. There are plenty of places to explore and nearby areas to venture out to. Some great places are;

1. Karon and Kata Beach; these two holiday destinations caters to everyone, from backpackers to charter tourists. There is a buzz about the place and plenty of shops and restaurants. It is a popular place for charter holidays so it is wise to book accommodation before you get here if you are travelling in high season. The beaches are white, long and the sea bluer than blue. You can rent parasols and beach chairs for the day for less than €10.

2. Patong; this town is not for everyone as it gets very crowded, but it makes for a nice evening out. It is especially the shopping that makes it worth the trip. There are plenty of market stalls on the streets, selling everything from souvenirs to clothes, to electronic gadgets. There are many late night bars and various clubs for the partygoer.

3. Surin and Kamala beach; if you are looking for a more relaxed holiday with less tourists, these are the beaches to go to. They are equally nice but more low-key. There is less hotels, restaurants and shops and cater for a few resorts instead. Ii is easy to get to Patong from here on one of the Tuk-Tuks.

If you feel like venture a bit further a field and leave the mainland there are great places to go to. These are more exotic and closer to paradise, some more popular than others.

1. Ko Phi Phi; the Phi Phi Islands used to be hidden gems, known to only a few, but that all changed when the movie “the Beach” was filmed here. Although filmed on the smaller of the 2 islands, the larger one still got great PR and it is now one of the main holiday destinations around the Phuket area. The island is so popular that it is in danger of becoming too overcrowded. Even so, the main beach is stunning. The setting, a secluded bay with greenery surrounding the beach. It is a good location for all water sports and diving tours leave the island daily. It is advisable to book hotels before arriving as it gets fully booked in the high season.

2. Railay; this island is a perfect getaway. It is so remote and secluded that you can only get here by boat. There are no proper roads connecting it to the mainland and it makes the place all the more special. There are various accommodations, restaurants and a few shops. This is a place to sit back and enjoy the scenery. The dinners at night are often eaten at the beach and there are plenty of beach bars.

3. Ko Lanta; although not really in the Phuket area, it is a great island to visit and there are plenty of ways to get there from Phuket and Phi Phi Islands. Ko Lanta is a larger island and although it is similar to the mainland, the pace is slower. If you feel like renting a scooter, this is probably one of the better places as traffic isn’t as intense as elsewhere. You can go elephant trekking in the rainforest, go scuba diving or take a cooking class. The beaches can be rocky and isn’t as good as in Phuket.

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  1. I like Ko Phi Phi,It amazing and a wonderful land,I like so much.^^

  2. Hi Dafia, thanks for stopping by. Isn't just Phi Phi islands great? I would go back in a heartbeat if I could. / Travelbug